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 The Formal Structure

The IRRDB is a voluntary association of national organizations (Member Institutes) devoted to research and development on natural rubber. The countries in which these Institutes are located cover 96 per cent of world natural rubber production. The IRRDB conducts its business through a Board, which is responsible for all matters affecting the IRRDB, a Committee of Directors and Chief Executives, the function of which is to examine and discuss technical matters and to make recommendations to the

Board on such matters, and a Finance Committee. Activities of the IRRDB cover (i) exchanges of ideas between staff of Member Institutes at meetings organized by the IRRDB, (ii) activities initiated by the IRRDB's specialized Groups, (iii) training, and (iv) major projects initiated by the IRRDB and carried out by one or more Member Institutes working together, in some cases with external funding; these projects constitute the IRRDB's international research programme.

The policies of the IRRDB are determined by a Board of representatives from each Member Institute. Technical advice to the Board is provided by a Committee of Directors and Chief Executives. Both bodies meet at least once a year. The Secretariat is located in premises belonging to one of the Member Institutes.

The IRRDB's operations are financed by contributions from each Member Institute according to the volume of rubber production in the institute's country. By its own choice, the IRRDB is an informal organization. It has no national or international legal status but it does have a Constitution which defines its objectives and operating arrangements.