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 Specialist Group
Much of the work of the IRRDB is centred on its Specialist Groups, which cover Agronomy (including agroforestry), Breeding, Physiology and exploitation, Pathology, Technology and end uses, and Socio-economics. Each group has a Liaison Officer who acts as the link between the group, the Secretariat and the Board. Experts from each group meet together at regular intervals to exchange ideas and to formulate proposals for new activities.

The IRRDB does not have the financial resources to support major research and development projects. When such a project has been identified by the Board as being vital to the future health of the industry and is too costly to be financed within the budgets of the member institutes a source of external finance is sought.

Liaison Officers

  Biotechnology Group
Dr Pascal Montoro
Socio-Economic Group
Dr M. Supriadi
Plant Breeding Group
Dr. Masahuling Benong
Agronomy Group
Dr. Heru Suryaningtyas
Technology and End Uses Group
Dr. Kamaruddin Ab Malek
Physiology Group
Dr. R. Krishnakumar
Environment Group
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich
Plant Pathology Group
Dr. C. K. Jayasinghe
Transfer of Technology Group
Dr. Sutat Suravanit
Latex Harvesting Technologies
Dr. Do Kim Thanh